Forza Motorsports Playseat Evolution



Forza Motorsports Playseat Evolution High Quality SYNTHETIC Leather Material.  It is compatible with THRUSTMASTER, Logitech, Fanatex & MadCatz Wheel and Pedals.

Foldable for storage.  Built for comfort and a realistic racing experience.

After playing Forza Horizon for Xbox 360 on a controller, i decided it would be cool to try a steering wheel.  I had played racing wheel games at my friend houses when I was younger but the older models don’t have forced feedback, and most of today s racing steering wheels do.

I bought the official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel and Pedal set with Forced Feedback and the experience was great… except the way i positioned in the couch with the steering wheel either on my lap or attached to the table in front of me was giving me a back ache.  I’m sure the positions i held myself in unnaturally for hours was not good for my body.

I build a few stands that where positioned much better ergonomically – this can made nicely done with some 3/4 ” plywood and 2×4’s.  An adjustable seat and steering wheel mount is recommended for your back health if you plan on playing racing games.


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